The Luce Society

From the moment a freshman female enters the dorms of her university, she is bombarded with messaging that makes it feel like she must advocate for left-wing policies promoted by radical feminist groups in order to be accepted by her campus peers.

This is a hostile, toxic environment for conservative young women, and the women we work with at CBLPI have finally had enough.  These young women students asked us to create The Luce Society — a campus-based chapter organization whose purpose is to bring together conservative women while combating the dominant feminist agenda on campus. Chapters focus heavily on activism and organizing speaking events, attending our summits, and participating in our programs.  The overall objective is to change the leftwing and feminist narrative among college-aged women.

The first Luce Society chapter was founded by Ellen Schutt at UW Madison in the Fall of 2017. Ellen, a 2017 CBLPI Summer Fellow, envisioned this new organization as a great platform from which to counter the ideas spread by leftist feminist groups on her campus.  In addition to various activism projects that portray women as victors rather than victims, the Madison’s Luce Society brought Bay Buchanan to speak during the fall 2017 semester and plans to bring Antonia Okafor in the spring 2018 semester.  (Pictured above:  Ellen Schutt (center) with Bay Buchanan (fifth from left). The current chair of the group, Abigail Streu, is second from left.)


If you are a conservative woman who is looking to change the rhetoric on your campus from female victimization to female empowerment, The Luce Society is for you.

Benefits and Opportunities:

  • Voice on campus – a local chapter provides conservative young women with an established campus organization that reflects their voice, their values, their agenda, and their policy preferences.
  • Strength in numbers – a local chapter defeats one of the Left’s most effective tactics, i.e., keeping conservative students isolated – and conservative thought disenfranchised – on campus.
  • Networking – a local chapter networks you and your members to countless like-minded conservative young women across the nation, which can have a profound impact on your future as well as the nation’s future.
  • Connection to a national conservative leaders – a local chapter connects you to CBLPI’s conservative women leaders and speakers, who stand ready to engage in your campus efforts.

Luce Society chapters serve as a vehicle to empower conservative women to stand up for what they believe in and rise to the challenges they face on college campuses.

If you are interested in starting a Luce Society, contact Elizabeth Campbell today and she will be in touch with you on how to get started.

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