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The Demand Side of Abortion

“If half of the states are ready to [ban abortion] tomorrow, then legalizing abortion was never constitutional. Abortion was never a part of the fabric of our liberty.”

It’s Only Money

What Congress does with the president’s 2017 Tax Reform proposal will make a difference in your economic advancement, income, and spending power.

PolitiChicks’ Call to Activism

The Left underestimated a huge portion of the country, so they are doubling down.

Communicating in an Anti-Conservative World

Washington Times columnist Mercedes Schlapp covers a variety of current issues, from campus ‘safe space’ vs. Freedom of speech issue to President Trump, his Cabinet, his policies, and the world environment that he faces.

Media’s Portrait of Women at Odds with Reality

Media have difficulty understanding “women who are both successful and fertile.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a tradition long associated with family, feasting, and faith. It is also, as Melanie Kirkpatrick told the CWN audience this month, “the holiday at the heart of the American experience.”

July’s Conservative Woman: Sen Joni Ernst

“Be involved. Find the areas you love, things you are passionate about, and become involved” …