Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hypocritical Claims

SPLC’s journalistic malpractice against the Alliance Defending Freedom was the piece of straw that broke the camel’s back; now all their abuses are exposed.

Reagan’s Executive Assistant, Peggy Grande, is a Grand Conservative Role Model

From intern to Executive Assistant, Peggy Grande shows how it’s done well.

Finishing Touches on Your Internship

Tips for finishing your internship with style and an eye on the future.

This Fourth, Celebrate American Privilege

We as Americans all enjoy a certain amount of ‘privilege’ that others in the world envy.

2017 Woman of the Year Event

Last night, the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute hosted its annual dinner banquet to honor Kellyanne Conway as the 2017 Woman of the Year Award recipient.

Conservative Women’s Network

AEI Senior Fellow Karlyn Bowman will speak on “Millennials, Attitudes and Demographics.”

Theresa May: Britain’s Loyal Advocate during Brexit

The measure of a man (or woman) is how they respond to challenges, and May’s unwavering conviction is commendable.

How Many Illegals Vote in US Elections?

New studies estimate as many as 5.7 million unauthorized voters may have cast ballots – more than enough to change U.S. election results.

Yes Hate Speech is Free Speech

Two quotes from this week’s Supreme Court decision should be posted in every corridor on every college campus.

Capitol Hill Intern Summit Review

On Friday, June 9th, the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute hosted its annual event for young women interns in the DC area.

Memorial Day

Whatever your plans for the day, we wish you a safe Memorial Day and one that honors those who gave their lives in service.

Presidential Commission Set to Study Election Integrity

After years of Left-Right dispute about federal voting integrity, we should welcome the opportunity to resolve the issue.

Happy Mother’s Day

Oh, the stories our mothers could tell!

Communicating in an Anti-Conservative World

Washington Times columnist Mercedes Schlapp covers a variety of current issues, from campus ‘safe space’ vs. Freedom of speech issue to President Trump, his Cabinet, his policies, and the world environment that he faces.