Women & Self-Defense: The Right to Be Armed

Constitutional scholar Joyce Lee Malcolm discusses the Second Amendment’s constitutional history and the development of individual rights in Great Britain and America.

Meet & Mingle Slideshow

Photos from the Meet and Mingle reception for D.C.’s young professional women and past Conservative Women’s Network speakers.  The event, co-sponsored by CBLPI and The Heritage Foundation, was held on the Phelon Rooftop Terrace at The Heritage Foundation in Washington DC on July 19, 2018.

5 Things to Know about SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Who is Judge Brett Kavanaugh?

The Paradoxical Doctrine of Progressive Tolerance

Progressives demand that conservatives actively participate in and endorse progressive ideas — a very different request than respectful toleration.

The Demand Side of Abortion

“If half of the states are ready to [ban abortion] tomorrow, then legalizing abortion was never constitutional. Abortion was never a part of the fabric of our liberty.”

Happy Independence Day!

We celebrate our Declaration of Independence, which asserted for the first time in human history that the rights of each person came from God, not from other men or government. It is this declaration that defines American Exceptionalism.

2018 Woman of the Year: Rachel Campos-Duffy

She was presented the award at a dinner in her honor.

Meet CBLPI Fellow Hayley Grande

A rising sophomore at Georgetown studying Government and Economics.

Meet CBLPI Fellow Abigail Thomas

A rising sophomore at Christendom College.

Meet CBLPI Fellow Georgia Gallagher

A third year student at the University of Alabama double-majoring in Political Science and Journalism.

Meet CBLPI Fellow Taylor Roth

A University of Florida student majoring in Public Relations with a concentration in International Policy and Communications.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Makes a Stand for Human Rights

The U.S. decision to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council stemmed from the Council’s hypocrisy, political favoritism and biased stance against Israel.

Journalist Salena Zito Introduces Harvard Students to Small-Town Americans

“These Harvard kids got the less of their lives in the Heartland.”

CBLPI’s 2018 DC Women’s Summit Brings Conservative Summer Interns Together

The two-day event brought together conservative interns working in the nation’s capital.