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An Indiana U Student describes Life in Socialist Venezuela

“I sincerely hope … that every American can resist the lure of false promises – so this great country can always shine above the dark cloud of socialism, and avoid Venezuela’s fate.”

Sandy and Her Green New Deal

Passion, absent serious thought and reason, is childish and futile. It isn’t leadership.

What Gender Gap in STEM?

Mark Perry at AEI’s Carpe Diem blog crunches some very revealing numbers.

Gender Wage Gap Explained (Again)

It’s all about the choices women make.

Why Women Should Demand Less Government in their Lives – deRugy

Many popular government programs hurt women more than help them.

39 Million Potential Identity Thefts – Young People at Greater Risk

Young people most at risk, and how they can check it.

Great Economic News Just Keeps Coming

Trump Administration economic policies are working.

Socialism? Again?

Should Americans be concerned by the rising support for socialism. No … and yes.

Trump Administration’s 500-Day Achievements

The President deserves credit for following through on so many of his promises.

April 15 Tax Day: Progressives’ Misguided Notion that Uncle Sam is a Charity

There is so much wrong with this progressive thinking.

SCOTUS Cases to Watch in 2018

Heritage Foundation legal analysts Tiffany Bates and Elizabeth Slattery highlight several important cases before the Supreme Court this year.

SCOTUS Cases to Watch in 2018

Legal analysts discuss upcoming SCOTUS cases to watch.

‘Draining the Swamp’

Could 2018 be the year of genuine federal government downsizing?

Behind the Scenes on Tax Reform: Rep Mark Meadows

Congressman Mark Meadows discusses the policy and pragmatism behind the tax overhaul legislation.