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Want to see real diversity on your campus? Bring a Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute speaker to your school and add a much-needed conservative perspective to the conversation.

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Give conservative women on your campus a platform and a voice!

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Be visible. Be persistent. Let the liberals know they don’t own the campus, no matter how loud and obnoxious they get!

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CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI MIC. DROP. 🎤🔥 @GZtoGhetto is a part of our campus speaker program. Contact us today if you would like to bring her… 15 hours ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI #CBLPI speaker, @GZtoGhetto, dives into the issue of Harvard's discriminatory admission policies that were created… 2 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI RT @GZtoGhetto: My latest: Harvard's racism cannot stand -- Elite universities have protected the diversity sham for too long 2 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI First year experience programs at campuses across the country are used to promulgate American universities' social… 4 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI Today's alumni spotlight highlights former intern, Caroline! "Hearing Bay at UVA was one of many experiences that… 6 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI Working at CBLPI gives students the opportunity to interact with top women in the conservative movement, deepen the… 6 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI #WackoWednesday this week we highlight a Princeton University course "Either the professor who created this course… 7 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI We love seeing our student leaders supporting our speakers! 7 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI RT @conservmillen: The truth is, there has never been a better time or place to be a woman or minority than in 2018 in the United States of… 7 days ago

 To celebrate our 25th anniversary …

… we will be spotlighting outstanding alumni success stories and hearing from young women about their CBLPI experience.