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Want to see real diversity on your campus? Bring a Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute speaker to your school and add a much-needed conservative perspective to the conversation.

Start a Chapter on Your Campus

Give conservative women on your campus a platform and a voice!

Fight the Left

Be visible. Be persistent. Let the liberals know they don’t own the campus, no matter how loud and obnoxious they get!

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CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI First it was identifying as a different sex, now it is identifying as a different age?! Either way, courts should a… 4 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI RT @WisconsinYAF: Thanks to our friends in the @LuceSociety for hosting an awesome speaker tonight! 5 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI “Women just prioritize different things and that’s okay” @conservmillen @LuceSociety 6 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI RT @ECampbell06: “It’s so painfully obvious that you’re killing a human life.” @conservmillen screaming the TRUTH on abortion at @CBLPI’s l… 6 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI “There’s a sense of human dignity in working. I would like to see a welfare system that incentivize work.” @conservmillen @LuceSociety 6 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI “The reason we are against socialism is because people shouldn’t be forced to pay for things they don’t want to pay for.” @conservmillen 6 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI “There are so many inherent values in facts but we need to get better at the emotional and moral appeal behind conservatism.” @conservmillen 6 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI “Don’t be sorry. Fight for truth. Love your neighbor.” @conservmillen’s three rules for conservatives 6 days ago
CBLPI CBLPI @CBLPI “There is no law against loving your neighbor.” @conservmillen 6 days ago


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