National Security & Immigration

DACA Children and American Compassion

How does a nation founded on the Rule of Law respond compassionately to innocent children brought to and living illegally in the country?

National Security in the Information Age

Katharine Gorka discusses how new media has transformed warfare.

RAISE the Immigration Bar

The RAISE Act would reform legal immigration to bring better educated, higher skilled, English proficient immigrants to the US.

An America that Supports the West

Western nations have made plenty of mistakes throughout history, but they are not defined by their weaknesses.

Enough is Enough: Theresa May and Her Stance against Terror

Prime Minister Theresa May is saying uncomfortable truths about terrorism that must be heard.

Trump’s Underreported Successes

Be encouraged, despite media’s non-stop negativity!

Taking ILLEGAL Immigration Seriously

Reversing Obama-era policies, Homeland Security has ordered federal agents to begin arresting and deporting illegals, which follow the laws enacted by the U.S. Congress.

‘Immigrant Ban’ Meltdown

Melting down over a three-month pause on visas for only 7 nations in the world is utter insanity. Here's what Trump's Executive Order is … and is not.

Reasons to Celebrate the New Year

Four experts look ahead to the many reasons conservatives have to celebrate the new year.

Role of Religion in Terrorism: Katharine Gorka

Those who insist that terrorism has nothing to do with religion, explains Katharine Gorka, president/co-founder of the Council on Global Security, ignore the very real conflict within the Muslim religious world. This conflict is not of our making, or is it ours to solve, but without a doubt the United States has an important role […]

word cloud ofAbu Bakr al Baghdadi's speech announcing Caliphate

God vs. the Sociologists: the Role of Religion in Terrorism

Asserting that terrorism has nothing to do with religion is to ignore the very real conflict within the Muslim world…


PC’s Self-Deluded View of Terrorism

PC culture ignores the obvious facts about our fight against terrorism.

Second plane hits the World Trade Center 9-11-2001

9-11: Why We Remember

Our terrorist enemy and its ideology must be defeated by the civilized world …

Nina Shea discusses ISIS's Christian Genocide and US Policy

Nina Shea: ISIS's Christian Genocide & US Policy

Shea discusses human rights issues related to ISIS’s Christian genocide and the US policy response to it …