Socialism’s Inhuman Face: Anna Smith Lacey

The only true believers in socialism are those who have never lived under it.

Why are you killing your History SOLs, Virginia?

If large numbers were failing the driver’s ed exam, would you kill those tests, too? Or would you improve your teaching methods?

Wisconsin’s Free Speech Legislation

Despite good intentions, Wisconsin Assembly Bill 299 may lead to unfair accusations and poor accountability of those who disrupt free speech events.

When Diversity Breaks the Bank

Diversity social programs take funding away from more important academic educational programs.

Evergreen State’s Misguided Identity Politics

“Didn’t you educate us on how to do s–t like this?”

Freshmen Orientation: What a Conservative Woman Experiences

It’s more like 1, 2, 3 INDOCTRINATION.

Star Parker’s UC-Berkeley Lecture Calm, Informative

UC-Berkeley professor Alan Ross accomplished what administrators have not: host a large guest lecture by a conservative speaker free of protests and riots.

Berkeley Cancels Second Conservative Speaker in 3 Months

Perhaps it’s time to cancel Berkeley’s federal funding.

Common Core’s Education Invasion

Joy Pullmann has done American students, their parents and their teachers a huge service with her new book, The Education Invasion.

Urgent Message to University Community: Conservatives Need Not Run

“Progressives see it as their duty to slander any individual who holds different political ideals.”

Reasons to Celebrate the New Year

Four experts look ahead to the many reasons conservatives have to celebrate the new year.

Students protest conservative speaker

Surprise – Harvard, Mizzou Rank Among Lowest in Intellectual Diversity

Find out how well your university scores in its tolerance of free speech and open debate on campus.

College price gouging and student debt

Jahncke: Make Colleges Pay Loans if Grads Can't

If colleges are price-gouging their student customers, colleges – not taxpayers – should bear some of the financial burden of student loan defaults.


Lawsuits Challenge Obama's Transgender Restroom Order

We applaud them for defending children and young adults, particularly young women, forced to submit to this insane edict …