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SCOTUS Cases to Watch in 2018

Legal analysts discuss upcoming SCOTUS cases to watch.

‘Draining the Swamp’

Could 2018 be the year of genuine federal government downsizing?

Behind the Scenes on Tax Reform: Rep Mark Meadows

Congressman Mark Meadows discusses the policy and pragmatism behind the tax overhaul legislation.

GOP President, Congress Deliver on Promises

The first tax code overhaul in 3 decades delivers 4 major wins for GOP majority.

Poll: Millennials Love Affair with Communism’s Bad Boys Wanes

It’s so easy to squander social and economic freedom.

Clean Power Plan Repeal

EPA is also ending a conflict of interest practice that allowed agency science advisors to get millions in EPA grant money.

It’s Only Money

What Congress does with the president’s 2017 Tax Reform proposal will make a difference in your economic advancement, income, and spending power.

Trump’s Underreported Successes

Be encouraged, despite media’s non-stop negativity!

Trump Tax Reform Plan

After the redistributive policies – and an “abysmal 1.9% growth” rate – of the Obama years, the nation needs a shot in the economic arm.

Hire Me graphic

An Executive Order for College Grads

About 180,000 good paying jobs could be created for U.S. college grads with a stroke of a presidential pen.

Study: Millennials’ Top Voting Issue was Economy

Responding to voters, Trump administration plans to repeal, cut and gut three big progressive federal policies to jump-start the U.S. economy.

Reasons to Celebrate the New Year

Four experts look ahead to the many reasons conservatives have to celebrate the new year.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Star Parker

The cycle of poverty: the welfare trap for poor citizens, and the calculated choices they make to maximize their checks …

Socialism as the Great Equalizer?

Here is how equality and social justice happens …