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Liberal, Conservative Women Find Common Cause

Women on left, right are joining forces to challenge the Obama administration's "gender identity" regulations.

The Gosnell Abortionist Story: Ann McElhinney

Author Ann McElhinney weaves a poignant story of defenseless victims, callous government officials, and willful media blindness.

Ann McElhinney on Gosnell

Ann weaves a poignant story of defenseless victims, callous government officials, and willful media blindness.

Women's March sign

Nasty Feminists Scorned

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Scorned by November’s voters, nasty feminists unleashed fury and their own brand of hell at Women’s March.

Womens March Jan 21 graphic

73% of Voters Want Trump Presidency to Succeed

Someone should tell Jan 21st Women’s March participants that they are out of step with America … again.

Alpha vs. Beta Male Differences

Goodbye Beta Male Era

Feminists adore beta males; non-feminists, not so much.

Glass Ceilings are Broken on Merit, Not on Demand

“Sisterhood” is not a sufficiently compelling reason to win the highest office in the land.

The Left’s War on Gender

Feminists today are now actively destroying everything earlier feminists fought so hard for.

The Reality Behind the Abortion Industry image

The Reality Behind the Abortion Industry

Planned Parenthood celebrates 100 years of sugarcoating and/or hiding the reality behind the abortion industry.

reclaiming femininity in a feminist culture-image

Reclaiming Femininity in a Feminist Culture

Our blogger friend, Stephanie Holmes, offers some thoughtful ideas on reclaiming true femininity in a feminist culture that demands women be more of a man.


Lawsuits Challenge Obama's Transgender Restroom Order

We applaud them for defending children and young adults, particularly young women, forced to submit to this insane edict …

CBLPI's Sense & Sexuality booklet

Keep Your Campus Life Great

This 10-minute read can keep your campus life positive and exciting …

dallas police shooting post image

#BlackLivesMatter and Why Taking Advantage of Circumstances and Truth is Ineffective

It's crucial to distinguish when an event is actually an accident or inappropriate conduct by an officer, and when the individual is acting hostile or threatening to law enforcement…

Five Ways to Champion Free Speech

Liberty and free speech can’t be sacrificed at the altar of security and political correctness …