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Media’s Portrait of Women at Odds with Reality

Media have difficulty understanding “women who are both successful and fertile.”

Why Conservative Women Leaders Matter for America: Mollie Hemingway

“Media have a problem understanding women who are both successful and fertile.”

5 Things to Do on #ADayWithoutAWoman

Go to work. Go shopping. Be visible on social media. Celebrate the fact that, as a woman, you’re an invaluable part of the cultural and economic force of the nation. #NoDayWithoutAWoman

Tucker Carlson Questions Gender Identity

Has the Gender Identity issue so “opened” the Left’s minds that their brains have fallen out?

Biology Isn’t Bigotry: Why Sex Matters in the Era of Gender Identity

Transgender policies are being promoted across the nation, but how will those policies impact women?

Hands Across the Aisle is a coalition of ideologically diverse women who joined forces to stand in solidarity, despite their political differences, against Gender Identity and transgender policies, which they argue threaten to erase women and women’s rights.

Transgenderism Will Erase Women & Their Rights

The cognitive dissonance of the transgender movement is mind-blowing, argued Biology isn’t Bigotry panelists. Women are asked to suspend reason and to self-eradicate. They must fight back.

Shapiro Schools a SJW

It’s a delight to watch a master debater take on college antagonists!

Liberal, Conservative Women Find Common Cause

Women on left, right are joining forces to challenge the Obama administration's "gender identity" regulations.

The Gosnell Abortionist Story: Ann McElhinney

Author Ann McElhinney weaves a poignant story of defenseless victims, callous government officials, and willful media blindness.

Ann McElhinney on Gosnell

Ann weaves a poignant story of defenseless victims, callous government officials, and willful media blindness.

Women's March sign

Nasty Feminists Scorned

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Scorned by November’s voters, nasty feminists unleashed fury and their own brand of hell at Women’s March.

Womens March Jan 21 graphic

73% of Voters Want Trump Presidency to Succeed

Someone should tell Jan 21st Women’s March participants that they are out of step with America … again.

Alpha vs. Beta Male Differences

Goodbye Beta Male Era

Feminists adore beta males; non-feminists, not so much.

Glass Ceilings are Broken on Merit, Not on Demand

“Sisterhood” is not a sufficiently compelling reason to win the highest office in the land.