Culture, Feminism & Sexuality

‘Feminism’ Merriam-Webster’s 2017 ‘Word of the Year’

‘Feminism’ topped the online dictionary lookup list in 2017, “thanks in part to Kellyanne Conway.”

Sharia Law and its Impact on Women

A woman is little more than a man’s property under this ancient religious legal code.

Saudi King Lifts Driving Ban on Women

It’s a welcome victory for Saudi women in their long uphill battle against genuine patriarchal oppression.

An America that Supports the West

Western nations have made plenty of mistakes throughout history, but they are not defined by their weaknesses.

Sex Scandal – The Drive to Abolish Male & Female: Ashley McGuire

Women have made great advances in equality, but will they lose them in the quest for “gender identity” and the abolition of male and female?

Ode to Strong Fathers and the Daughters they Raise

Strong fathers push you, and they also lift you up.

Clarion Call to Activism: The PolitiChicks

They are so panicked on the Left. They are so afraid that we’re getting stronger.

PolitiChicks’ Call to Activism

The Left underestimated a huge portion of the country, so they are doubling down.

Don’t Marry a Feminist

Author Suzanne Venker pens a letter to her 14-year-old son about marriage.

Media’s Portrait of Women at Odds with Reality

Media have difficulty understanding “women who are both successful and fertile.”

Why Conservative Women Leaders Matter for America: Mollie Hemingway

“Media have a problem understanding women who are both successful and fertile.”

Tucker Carlson Questions Gender Identity

Has the Gender Identity issue so “opened” the Left’s minds that their brains have fallen out?

Biology Isn’t Bigotry: Why Sex Matters in the Era of Gender Identity

Transgender policies are being promoted across the nation, but how will those policies impact women?

Hands Across the Aisle is a coalition of ideologically diverse women who joined forces to stand in solidarity, despite their political differences, against Gender Identity and transgender policies, which they argue threaten to erase women and women’s rights.

Transgenderism Will Erase Women & Their Rights

The cognitive dissonance of the transgender movement is mind-blowing, argued Biology isn’t Bigotry panelists. Women are asked to suspend reason and to self-eradicate. They must fight back.