Laughing at the Left’s Misery

Saturday Night Live skit shows how miserable (and hilarious) conversation is for the radical left these days.

25th Anniversary Flashback: Miss America 2011

25th Anniversary Flashback: Teresa Scanlon, Miss America 2011

British to Crack Down on Islamic Sharia Councils

Report to Parliament confirms Sharia Councils’ discrimination against women, recommends legislation to bring Islamic marriage and divorce in line with other religions under British law.

Socialism’s Inhuman Face: Anna Smith Lacey

The only true believers in socialism are those who have never lived under it.

Twitter’s Shadowbanning – a new form of digital censorship

Conservatives should recognize when they’re being played by social media!

25 Ways to Celebrate our 25th Anniversary

25 ways to help celebrate our 25th Anniversary!

‘Draining the Swamp’

Could 2018 be the year of genuine federal government downsizing?

DACA Children and American Compassion

How does a nation founded on the Rule of Law respond compassionately to innocent children brought to and living illegally in the country?

Behind the Scenes on Tax Reform: Rep Mark Meadows

Congressman Mark Meadows discusses the policy and pragmatism behind the tax overhaul legislation.

GOP President, Congress Deliver on Promises

The first tax code overhaul in 3 decades delivers 4 major wins for GOP majority.

National Security in the Information Age

Katharine Gorka discusses how new media has transformed warfare.

Sanders Surprises Media Scrooges with #PieGate Fun

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders serves up a special treat.

‘Feminism’ Merriam-Webster’s 2017 ‘Word of the Year’

‘Feminism’ topped the online dictionary lookup list in 2017, “thanks in part to Kellyanne Conway.”

Sarah Josepha Hale, godmother of Thanksgiving

As we celebrate, remember that our continuous celebration of this Day of Thanks began during one of the most divided periods in American history.