Sarah Josepha Hale, godmother of Thanksgiving

As we celebrate, remember that our continuous celebration of this Day of Thanks began during one of the most divided periods in American history.

Poll: Millennials Love Affair with Communism’s Bad Boys Wanes

It’s so easy to squander social and economic freedom.

Bullying Liberals, Self-Censoring Conservatives

Should conservatives stop being nice and start giving liberal bullies back as good as they get?

Clean Power Plan Repeal

EPA is also ending a conflict of interest practice that allowed agency science advisors to get millions in EPA grant money.

The Culture War & American Medicine

Dr. Orient, Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, discusses the culture wars’ affect on American medicine.

It’s Only Money

What Congress does with the president’s 2017 Tax Reform proposal will make a difference in your economic advancement, income, and spending power.

Why are you killing your History SOLs, Virginia?

If large numbers were failing the driver’s ed exam, would you kill those tests, too? Or would you improve your teaching methods?

Sharia Law and its Impact on Women

A woman is little more than a man’s property under this ancient religious legal code.

CBLPI Summits: Incredible, Life-Changing

The student conference gave me confidence and a network of new friends across the country.

Masked VCU Students Go to Trial on Halloween

It’s not as if they weren’t warned.

Saudi King Lifts Driving Ban on Women

It’s a welcome victory for Saudi women in their long uphill battle against genuine patriarchal oppression.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Balancing school and life demands takes a little planning to work smarter, not harder.

Wisconsin’s Free Speech Legislation

Despite good intentions, Wisconsin Assembly Bill 299 may lead to unfair accusations and poor accountability of those who disrupt free speech events.

Respectful Discourse

Respectful political discourse is how we advance and improve our country.